Short Stories and Poems

A Fling with Trouble – by Jodie Anders With claws tightened on the building’s edge, he narrowed beady black eyes on the sign by the cafe below. ‘Speed dating. All welcome.’ Mashed lips and entangled arms steamed up the front window, filling the demon with a strange envy.

source url He brought his angular, charcoal hand up to his face, examining it. Who would love such a creature? Demons are ugly shadows of the night. Inhaling the dewy scent of fresh rain, he watched a trio of giggling girls enter the cafe. Screw it. What did he have to lose? If he couldn’t find romance, at least he’d find dinner. After registering with a three-piece suited stiff with a scrutinizing stare, he slinked inside the vintage brown and pink diner. He slapped on a name tag – Druzzle – licked his palm and slicked back the midnight blue cowlick on his head. The men were instructed to move among the tables after each three-minute buzzer.

watch The first table held a cute little blonde thing with wide eyes fixed on Druzzle’s nubby horns. “Hi,” he stammered. She inspected the gentlemen at other tables. “Are you supposed to be here?” “Anyone welcome,” Druzzle said with a shrug. “I see.” She looked him over. “I’m Lana, looking for Mr. tall dark and handsome.” Druzzle’s eyes rolled. “Well, I’m dark.” She was not amused.  “So, what do you like— ” A loud buzzer interrupted him and Lana waved him on. That didn’t go well. Nor did the next three pathetic creatures. Each table revealing another nervous girl with nothing to say. He glanced at the door. It was a mistake coming in here. Buzz. Buzz.

see url Druzzle moved to table four with little interest, then almost fell into his chair as he took in the she-devil of a woman on the opposite side. Blazing red hair and a twinkle in her eye screamed ‘mischief-maker’.

follow url She flicked up her eyes and leaned back, crossing her legs. “Well, the selection is certainly getting interesting.” “Doesn’t get more interesting than me.” She laughed. “That’s for sure.”

enter “You’re a flame among these coals.” He reached for her hand. “I’m Druzzle.” “Molly.”

here “Don’t suppose you like bad boys?” Resting her face on a delicate hand, she cast her emerald green eyes up. “I might enjoy a bit of trouble. Tell me, big guy, do you have a fat wallet?” “No wallet, but I know a vault I can tap. You’re worried I can’t take care of a lady?” “Something like that.” “I might surprise you.” Buzz. Buzz. “See you around, Druzzle.” She winked. Druzzle drudged through the last tables with little attention as he stole glances at Molly. The night closed with secret ballots where he checked a giant “yes” next to her name. A week later, Druzzle paced his cave in frustration. Why hadn’t she called?

follow link Picking up a heavy rock, he heaved it against the cave wall. This love business isn’t for demons, damn it. Humans souls are better snacks than companions. Determined to put the silly thoughts behind him, he decided to roam the city. As he reached the exit a ring echoed through the chamber. He tore across the space scrambling to pick up his phone, mashing the buttons with a clumsy hand.

Buy Diazepam Powder “Hello?” “Druzzle?” came a sultry voice. “You ready to cause some trouble?” Oh yes, he would enjoy this adventure.

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