Queer Cheer is Here! My book, Queer Cheer: Activities, Advice, and Affirmations for LGBTQ+ Teens released on May 28th, 2024 as the #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult LGBTQ+ Issues, LGBTQ+ Issues, Maturing, and Civil and Human Rights categories on Amazon! To order your copy of Queer Cheer, visit and or visit your favorite local bookstore. […]
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Discordant Harmonies – a poem by Jodie Anders

enter site One was a religion, the other more of a movement. One stood basking in the midday sun, and the other cast his shade in the harvest moon. My insomnia was a metronome counting the beats of a jazz tune.  I’d lay awake at night conflicted, longing to find harmony. One was a church choir, and […]
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